Entrevista – Vivencias de la pedagogía de Freire en Chile

Queremos compartir aquí una entrevista biográfica con Ilse Schimpf-Herken​ que cuenta de las experiencias con la pedagogía de Paulo Freire en Chile.

La entrevista fue realizada en el marco del proyecto La Internacional de Allende.


2020: Campaña de apoyo para al Instituto Paulo Freire Institut de São Paulo, Brasil

Compartimos aquí la campaña de apoyo para el Instituto Paulo Freire de São Paulo, Brasil.

El texto de la campaña en portugués: www.kickante.com.br/paulofreiresim

En inglés:

Support campaign Paulo Freire Institute São Paulo

As the 100th anniversary of Paulo Freire’s birth approaches, let’s reaffirm, fortify and reinvent his legacy together.  Participating in this campaign means getting involved in an urgent movement to fortify and revitalize initiatives committed to Freirian concepts like social justice education and human rights education in Brazil and in other countries. When you support this campaign you will be collaborating with us to defend, strengthen and reinvent Paulo Freire’s legacy: an exemplary pursuit of education as the practice of freedom.

At a time when Freire is being publicly ridiculed and attacked as a way to mock and minimize the causes he held dear – the principles and practices of free, secular, and democratic public education incorporating sociocultural and environmental concerns while promoting human rights – it is necessary to celebrate his centennial with actions that defend and support his enduring legacy: everything he taught, spoke and wrote about for half a century.

Education transforms lives

In the midst of attacks on democracy, of the Covid-19 pandemic and of economic recession, we want to reach out to people, to motivate them, to speak about and reaffirm their right to an education that includes sociocultural and environmental instruction, as well as the rights of children, youth, adults and elders to receive an education that humanizes and transforms lives by focusing on social justice.

Goals of Paulo Freire’s Centennial

To fortify humanist, humanizing and transformative Freirian education against all kinds of oppression. To defend and reinvent his legacy leading up to the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of his birth (1921 – 2021) by honoring and reaffirming the causes he defended, for and with the ragged ones. Intent on overcoming all kinds of inequality, prejudice, discrimination and societal recession present, today, in Brazil and in the world.

Supporting the Paulo Freire Institute

We are seeking help with funding so the PFI, a non-governmental organization which will celebrate its 30th birthday in 2021, can continue to bring together and inspire people and institutions in Brazil and the world-at-large, motivated by his dreams of humanizing and transforming education as part of his legacy. We do this by making the Paulo Freire Archives, a textual and contextual patrimony of humanity, available free of charge to students and researchers. The political and economic morass in which we are currently enmired has imposed an enormous challenge to keep both the institution and the battles it wages alive.


Join us now!

Getting involved is easy. There are just two steps:


1) Decide how much you can give.

2) Choose how you pay: by credit card or installment (up to 6 installments of at least R$25.00 = aprox. 5 Euros).

Please follow the link below in order to process your payment.

By contributing, you will help to:

1. Create a new 100% on-line series called “Paulo Freire Yes! To defend, to fortify and to reinvent his legacy.” This will consist of 6 video classes of up to 30 minutes each, produced by Freirian Online Leaning. Also available will be 4 pdf versions of PFI books with didactic material complementary to the series.

2. Bring the PFI website up-to-date, increasing the information available, protecting it from cyber attacks, and making it even more instructive and accessible. Bringing the Paulo Freire Digital Archive to state-of-the-art status by adding new content of and about Freire to motivate students and researchers investigating the legacy and praxis of the Patron of Brazilian Education.

3. Create a Commemorative site for the Paulo Freire Centennial focused on  raising awareness concerning and connecting all initiatives, events, seminars, and actions taking place in Brazil and elsewhere, related to data. The idea is to create a site that welcomes and promotes followers thereby gaining virtual presence while soliciting contributions from collaborators and new participants.

4. Make a record of the worldwide Freirian web, a tool that maps Freirians in Brazil and the world-at-large, in various idioms, keeping track of people interested in enlarging their lives by participating in Freirian Online Learning courses so they can share knowledge and ideas about his contributions in different cognitive areas.


About the Paulo Freire Institute

“We are here to make things happen!” How and why the Paulo Freire Institute promotes national and international Freirian communities.

The PFI is a non-profit organization created in 1991 which has emancipatory education and commonsense teaching and learning as its objectives, combating every kind of injustice, violence, prejudice, exclusion, as well as the degradation of life in general and of community as a living entity. The PFI is organized into four areas of activity: 1) popular education, 2) citizen education, 3) youth and adult education, and 4) human rights education. We collaborate with start-up or existing projects as assessors, consultants, and hands-on trainers and, with Freirian Online Learning at our disposal, as high-tech mediators. We produce documents and research, as well as didactic and instructional material.

PFI maintains two other entities in situ: Paulo Freire Reference Center and Universitas Paulo Freire (UniFreire). 2021 will mark the thirtieth year of our existence.

General Campaign Coordinator:

Paulo Roberto Padilha, Pedagogical Director and General Coordinator of Freirian Online Learning.

Coordinator of Campaign Communication and Marketing: Janaina Abreu, PFI Director of Communication.

Access and check: www.kickante.com.br/paulofreiresim

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#PauloFreireSempre #PauloFreirePresente #PauloFreireVive #PatronodaEducaçãoBrasileira

With gratitude!


2016: Protesta contra el asesinato de Berta Cáceres y Nelson García (Honduras)

Junto a muchas otras iniciativas y organizaciones de la sociedad civil, protestamos contra el asesinato de Berta Cáceres y Nelson García (COPINH), activistas del medio ambiente y los derechos humanos. Desde 2010, han sido asesinados más de 100 activistas que, al igual que Cáceres y García, habían protestado contra el proyecto de la represa de Agua Zarca. Solicitamos a las empresas alemanas Voith GmbH y Siemens AG que retiren el proyecto de la represa. (Marzo de 2016)

2015: Carta abierta a la editorial Klett

Apoyamos la crítica al uso de los “cuadernos I***” (I***-Hefte) como material escolar por su contenido estereotipado y discriminatorio. Por ello, firmamos y promovemos la carta abierta de la asociación berlinesa glokal e.V a la editorial Klett en la que se pide que se corrijan los cuadernos. (Septiembre de 2015)


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